Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The return of Dodge's Bullets (sort of...)

Ever since I published DODGE'S BULLETS, back in 2004, I've wanted to revisit the character. Problem is, the original book didn't exactly burn up the sales charts. So, the character has sat idle. But lately I've had the itch to do more crime stuff, so I'm dusting off private eye Webster Dodge for a special 5-page story that will run as a back-up in an upcoming issue of DYNAMO 5. Art and color will be supplied by Joe Eisma, and here's a look at some sketches he did to capture the feel of the character.


Penelopecat said...

Cool. I really liked the original book, and thought it was fun when Dodge popped up in Noble Causes. Glad to see he'll be in the spotlight again, if only briefly.