Monday, September 29, 2008

Dynamo 5 #0

We're offering a special 12-page, 99 cent #0 issue of Dynamo 5 in January.

“The tagline we're using in ads and on issues #0 through #25 is ‘Change is Coming.’ And what's great is that because this is Image, ‘change’ can mean anything. Since [artist] Mahmud Asrar and I own these characters, we can do whatever we want with them. We can kill one of them off. We can turn one of them evil. We can redirect the entire series if we want to. And because the book is still relatively new, it's not like there's a ‘status quo’ we have to maintain. Truly anything can happen.”

I spoke with Michael Patrick Sullivan at CBR right here.


BrikHed said...

You know me - I am onboard 100%