Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday Previews

Yildiray Cinar's just about to begin work on Noble Causes #40, the series finale. I asked him to do a wraparound cover of the entire cast for this special issue. Here's his first layout. I think it's cool, but I'd envisioned the entire cast in one big group shot, not broken up into different panels. Still, this design is strong enough that we may use it as the basis for the cover of the 9th TPB, which will cover issues #32-36, the first story arc set "Five Years Later."

Now, here's a look at Yildiray's rough pencils for the revised cover to #40. I liked everything about it, save Venture being on the front of the cover. I love Venture, don't get me wrong. But he was never a main NC character, so I asked Yildiray to put him on the back cover and put Cosmic Rae in his place.

Now here's a look at the inked cover, followed by the final version, colored by the never-late, always-great Ron Riley.


BrikHed said...

great cover - i love the look but i get frustrated with wrap arounds because i never really look at the back. i think it would have been cool to do a side ways cover so you still get everyone on the page... just me, but i am enjoying the current run on NC