Thursday, December 10, 2009

DYNAMO 5 on the iPhone

DYNAMO 5 has been available on the iPhone from iVerse Media for awhile now, and we just went live with Comixology, too. Both services off Apps that let you read DYNAMO 5 on your iPhone, but they offer different reading experiences because of the way the books are formatted by each company. I know each company has their proponents, and we're happy to be able to bring you the book in both formats.

I'm still a bit old school, myself. I prefer reading comics in monthly or trade paperback format. But I have to admit, this new media is really starting to grow on me. And for a reading experience you can only get on the iPhone, check out Comixology's exclusive Box 13, written by my pal David Gallaher and drawn by Steve Ellis, the team behind the smash Zuda comic, High Moon. David's had a thing for old radio serials for as long as I've known him, and Box 13 is his reinvention of one of the old classics. I highly recommend it. Plus, it's free!