Thursday, June 26, 2008

Double Whammy

I just looked at the confirmed shipping list for books arriving on July 2nd, and lo and behold, NOBLE CAUSES #35 and DYNAMO 5 #14 are both coming out. I know it sounds dumb for the writer of both books to be surprised that they're coming out, but sadly, once we turn our books in to the printer, it's anyone's guess as to exactly when they'll be in stores.

This is an especially big week for Yildiray Cinar, as he drew both NOBLE CAUSES #35, as well as half of DYNAMO 5 #14 (in an effort to help us get that book back on schedule).


vbjjr74 said...

Can't wait for wed to come so I Can dive into these babies! Should have come to heroes con with kirkman, jay!! Come down next year. Need these books signed!!