Monday, June 29, 2009

Dynamo 5 schedule update

Dynamo 5 #22 came out last week, and today we delivered issue #23 to Image. So it should be on sale towards the end of July. Mahmud is three pages away from finishing issue #24, so we're on track for that issue to be on sale in August -- the same month it's solicited! What a concept. And our double-sized issue #25 should be on sale in September (again, the same month it was solicited for). That issue contains a full-length lead story, as well as five, 5-page back-ups. All but one of these back-ups are already written and drawn too, so we're actually ahead of schedule there.
None of us are proud of the delays that have plagued the book lately, but I'm really glad these four issues will ship monthly. And while we had guest artists contribute to issues #21, #22, and #23, issues #24 and #25 will feature full length stories drawn entirely by Mahmud.
Also on sale at the end of July is our 3rd TPB, "Fresh Blood," which collects issues #14 thru #19. As a bonus feature, we're also presenting my full script to issue #16, which is the first time I really eased back on the structure and let Mahmud choreograph and pace entire scenes. It's pretty interesting to compare my plot to the finished product. In each instance, Mahmud took what I gave him and made it better.


BrikHed said...

just keep 'em coming and we will be here waiting - you could never get this book out quick enough because i would like it weekly