Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Here's a glimpse at Soldier Ant, a new character who will be making his debut in the pages of DYNAMO 5 this Spring.
This design sketch is by Mahmud Asrar, based on my ideas. Mahmud and I had been working together for over 3 years by the time he whipped up this design, and I guess we're at the point where we're almost perfectly in synch, because when I first saw his take on Soldier Ant, it was as if he'd reached into brain and pulled the design out. I mean, it was exactly what I wanted.
The same could be said for his design for the big villain in the next story arc, but you'll have to wait awhile before you see his design.


michaeljsmith said...

sure you cannot say but he looks like he would be a part of the new team that is being formed - confirm or deny?>