Monday, November 23, 2009

Odds & Ends

Well, I haven't exactly posted every day this month, but I've been posting a lot more frequently than in the past, right? Part of the problem is that sometimes I'll have an idea for a blog post, and then realize I have enough to say about the subject that it should be one of my Under the Influence columns, which will continue when DYNAMO 5 resumes publication.

And speaking of DYNAMO 5, Julio just turned in his pencils for the last two pages, so all he needs to do is ink them and then he's on to the next issue.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to work out how this story arc will end, and how that will lead into the next arc. And I'm considering playing with our publication schedule a bit. The plan now is for this next arc to be a 5-issue mini-series, then we'll take another hiatus while we ready the next mini-series. But now I'm thinking we might do a special one-shot in between the mini-series. I got the idea from DOCTOR WHO, and how that show's schedule would consist of a short season, followed by a holiday special, then another season, then a holiday special, etc. If I applied that to DYNAMO 5, and worked far enough ahead on the scripts, I could get a different artist working on a one-shot while Julio is working on the current arc. Just something I'm thinking about.

 Joe Eisma is currently drawing NOTORIOUS, which is a new character we've co-created, who will be appearing in an exclusive back-up series when DYNAMO 5 returns.

I blogged awhile back about a 6-page Batman story I wrote for DC's upcoming HOLIDAY SPECIAL. And I just recently got assigned a Christmas story for Marvel, as well. I can't go into any details yet, but there should be an announcement in the next week or two and I'll be sure to post more about it here. I wrote another Marvel story recently as well. It's something that I had a lot of fun with, with some characters I've always enjoyed. And hopefully that will be announced soon, too.

In between comic book scripts, I'm spending my time working on screenplays. I recently wrote a TV pilot, and now I'm in the middle of a movie spec. These haven't sold yet, of course. But I want to branch out into different mediums, and I've got some great representation in the form of Circle of Confusion, so I figure I should stop making excuses and start making things happen. Considering how much TV and movie influence my writing, it feels right to actually apply that stuff to ... well, TV and movies. I'll keep you posted!


Caine said...

A pilot? I'm betting you're not going to talk about it yet (and I don't blame you) but a television pilot from a fan of Spenser:For Hire, Magnum P.I., Due South, Rockford, the Crime Genre in general? This is gonna be good...

michaeljsmith said...

glad to hear that Julio is pounding away at D5 and I like the one-shot idea between story arcs as a side note