Saturday, November 21, 2009

One Week

I've written before about my borderline obsession with all things Canadian, and it's through that obsession that I came across an excellent indie movie called ONE WEEK. It stars Joshua Jackson (from FRINGE) as a man who sets off on a motorcycle journey across Canada after being diagnosed with cancer. There's no car chases or shoot-outs or crimes to solve. This is a simple character study, filled with great performances, quirky (yet not annoying) characters, a fantastic soundtrack, and gorgeous scenery.
While it's a Canadian movie, you can rent it on Netflix, buy it on Amazon, or download it from iTunes. Here's the film's official website.


Charles Pritchett said...

Great flick.

It would have been great to see some eastern Canadian scenery in there but, I digress.

It's also nice to hear Campbell Scott's voice again.

thatron said...

I remember hearing about this when it was in the theatre and wanting to see it. Thanks for reminding me about it Jay.